Aiming at producing industrial works that are niche and come in a limited quantity each season, Kitmen Keung proposes designs that cater to the individual seeking for fineness and distinctiveness. Each piece of work is a result of careful attention to details, production technique and the overall composition of design which harmoniously blend the archetypal imagery of contemporary habitations and the fine cultivation of moderate designs. Each project’s meticulous and delicate practice is an intention to discover the interrelationship between the object and the potential context in which its substance is found and defined. Design is primitive; beauty is the modernity that reveals itself when the essence is presented so that the form again becomes interactive.

Based in Hong Kong, Kitmen Keung began his collaboration with Belgian foam specialist Sixinch on the debut project 'Dual Cut' in 2011. Later that year, the work started selling to stores in Europe and Japan. In 2014, his company launched its own line 
'Long Distance'. The collection has so far been sold to over 50 countries.